We created a playlist that also shares the news with you ! You will see what happened in different classes and groups. In fact, it sums up our hardworking days !  You need to survive from your long journey to reach your goals at the end.
It’s a MUST when you want to become STAR ! 

Today, the TCs attended a meeting with the English Week Team where they were able to understand what the week will be about. But they also had the chance to meet former TC students that are now living abroad Justine and Valentin ! We would like to thank them for sharing their very interesting stories with us. 

We interviewed the English Week Team and they have things to tell you : 
McCartney : “Thank you everyone, it was really nice and I had a really good time!”
Lennon : “Thank you for your attention, we really appreciate all of your messages.”
Harrison : “Thank everyone you were really great, I was really happy to meet you all today! Also thank you for your participation during the different meetings”
Starr : “Thank you so much for coming, We will remember this and take encounters of the nice comments to choose our successors.”

We think that the English Week had a great beginning thank to you all ! See you really soon…


Today was a very busy day for the English Week team, they attended the tea and chat with the TC1 and lovely natives. In addition, we would like to thank them for their participation.
We asked the English week team to tell us how they felt :
Ringo Starr: “it was a wonderful moment to share different culture even if it was online”
George Harrison : “Even if sometimes some people were shy everyone managed to have a talk with the natives”
John Lennon : “We hope that next year it will be in presence!”

On the afternoon the English Week team did drawing games with TC2 with a lot of laughs.
McCartney : “It was fun to see the drawing talent’s of the TC and I think everyone had a good time.”

The English Team had a great 2nd day and thank you everyone and see you tomorrow for news activities  🙂

This Wednesday was crucial for the TC1 ! The English Week team listened to the powerpoint presentation of all the first year students.
The whole Team was quite surprised by some presentations that were over our expectations ! We took the time to interview two members of the English Week Team about those presentations :
John Lennon : « I really enjoyed listening to their presentations, to be honnest, I’ve been quite surprised by some of them ! »
Mc Cartney : « Damn, I had such a good time ! I can’t wait to see their powerpoint presentation LIVE on Friday ! »

Like the previous days, the English Week Team had a very nice day, and they can’t wait for the final day of the week !

Today, the first year students had marketing and communication classes with Miss Jacob & Miss Delfosse. The TC2 on the other hand, didn’t have any classes, however, they had to hand in their video project before 7pm.

The English Week team really appreciated the different videos they have made. Some of them were better than the others, but, it was hard to make the final ranking of the best videos. In the afternoon, both the students of first & second year, had the possibility to attend a conference about video game developpement.

Even if this is not our study branch, we have still been able to understand most of the conference and the different topics discussed.

Thanks to Guillaume for this great conference, it is Beatles approved ! Tomorrow is the final day folks, I hope you are as excited as we are !!

Dear TCs,

Today was our last day with you, we are sad because it has to end. But at the same time we are really happy with the result, and it was a very good week for us ! 
Again, we would like to thank everyone for their participation, we can’t stop saying it but it is truly thanks to you that we have been able to do that.  We wish that a better word than “thank you” exist because we are even more grateful than that. 
Congratulations to team McCartney for their win !


P.S: TC1 don’t forget that you have to take over us now…

On day 1, the students that went abroad during the S3 made some videos for the TCs, here they are :