Check the instructions for games and missions here !
Since team spirit is important during those days, count on each other’s and don’t let anyone behind !
Keep in mind : We are TCs !


English musical game

On Friday, we will be in presence at the IUT. the morning we will play a game which is an English musical game. We hope you are familiar with English music. Indeed, your knowledge of English musicians and music will help you to earn points for your team. We are looking forward to seeing you in face to face!!

Video games conference

You will have the chance to listen and exchange with Guillaume Danel, who will talk with you about video games development. To join the meeting, you will have to go on the platform Twitch. In any case, you should know that if you attend you will be able to earn points for your team.

Mini challenges

Each day at 9 A.M., we are going to update this part with mini-challenges that you will have to achieve. 
Make sure to check this part to win bonus points for your team !


You will have to cook an English dish. Since we won’t be able to taste it together, the aim is for you to make the most of it. You can make a nice photo or video. Let your imagination run wild and be original.  We will choose the best picture or video, which will earn you 20 points for your team.

Enigma and Rebuses

Today the challenge will be to resolve different rebuses. We will post a new rebus every hour from 10am. Of course, each answer has a link with English music,…
Be on the lookout, because if you are the first to give the correct answer you will earn points for your team. You can participate and tell your answer on the Instagram account. Good luck !


Today, the challenge will be to disguise yourself as a popstar. You can invent a fictional character or reproduce an English musician. We are waiting for your most beautiful photos. Be original and creative. The most beautiful photo will earn 20 points for your team.

The Golden Record

We have lost our golden record. Can you help us find it?
It is hiding on our website. Will you be able to find the 4 pieces of our disc?
Once you have found the 4 tracks, you can send us a screenshot of each place on the site where you saw the tracks. The first one who finds the 4 tracks will win 20 points for his team.

Surprise Challenge !!

This is actually going to be the very last challenge of the 10th edition of the English Week. So, now is the time to win all the last points for your teams. Everything can still change so try your best to win this one, your team can still become the next generation of the Beatles!
Do you remember the opening video ? Do you remember the song of the white bear ?
This new challenge is to find the lyrics of the song. 
The 3 people who find the right lyrics of the white bear song first will earn points for his team.


Tea & Chat

On Tuesday you will have the Tea & Chat. You’ll be divided in groups of 6 or 7 students to meet a native English speaker during 20 mins. As you already know, COVID-19 doesn’t allow us to be face to face, so this will be a video call on Zoom. Each of you will received a link by Email (ENT) to join the video call. 

We prepared some questions for you if you want : 
1) Which countries did you visit, which ones did you prefer and why?
2) Which countries would you like to travel to and why?
3) What is your best childhood memory?
4) What is your relationship to music? (Do you listen to music often? Your favorite artists? Your best concerts…)
5) What kind of jobs have you ever had? What job would you like to have?
6)What was your dream when you were a child?

Since it’s a video call, you must have your camera ON and be presentable for the natives as a minimum of politeness. 

Remember that they scheduled a moment for you so make sure to create good memories with them !!

Click on the pictures to discover when and with who you are going to talk !

Powerpoint Presentation

The context is a tv programme. 2 presenters welcome on the tv set a group of 4-5 young British musicians (it is a fictitious group). The objective of the interview is to promote this new music band.
At first the interviewers will present the programme and welcome their guests on the TV set, then each member of the group will have to answer the questions of the interviewers to introduce themselves and talk about themselves, their career, the group…

At the end of the show the public should know about :

  • The name of the band and of each member
  • The style of music, sources of inspiration, the life of the musicians past and present, personal anecdotes, an extract of the music…

The focus must be on interactivity, the questions must be varied and the answers original. You can find inspiration in programmes like Taratata or any similar programme which promotes young artists.
You will have to hand in your Powerpoint on Moodle and it should last 10mins.

English Week Games

Multiple quizzes while take place on Kahoot about musical culture, the top 3 people on each quiz will win points for their team.

Good luck !



Gartic Phone

You will be divided in groups of around 8 players ! Gartic Phone is a game of “Broken-Phone”,  you will play with your team, your goal will be to guess each drawings to make the most points. We will explain you all the rules during the video call. 
Good Luck ! 

Check when you are going to play !


For this year edition, you will have to promote a musical event, it could be a festival, a concert, an album release or whatever fits this category. You have to respect multiples rules : 

We will choose the best one, we are looking forward to seeing your work, let your creativity speak for itself. We will collect the posters by Email, you just have to send it to your team leader between 5 and 6pm.

(Ana Burel > Lennon ; Esteban Costa > McCartney ; 
Juliette Balcon > Harrison ; Léa Le Priol > Starr)


During this week, you will also have to make a video with your sub team on this year’s theme, which is : The English Music. 
Be creative, you have the choice between 3 different subjects which are : 
– a music video of your own song
– life anecdotes of a or multiple British artists (singers or bands).
– a critique of a music video

The video should be between 3 and 3min30. You can ask the TC1 to help you with filming and ideas. The video needs to be finished and sent by WeTransfer at 7pm maximum on Thursday to your team leader.

Be original, be funny, have fun !

The video MUST be sent in MP4, 720p.